Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel and perform. Your body is also designed to age well.

Are you currently managing chronic pain, or a new “tweak” that isn’t going away? Do you want to gain more self reliance in the gym or be proactive in preventing injury in your sport? Perhaps you do (or teach) yoga and want to become more anatomically fluent to be able to make smarter decisions in your practice. Plug in for 12 sessions with me, an experienced Performance Care Coach for athletes, where we focus on up-leveling your ability to take care of and live better in your body for the long game of your life. Together we will:

  • find your body’s blind spots and teach you personalized ways to improve them – left untouched, these blind spots are catalysts for pain and injury.
  • analyze your body mechanics as they relate to your body’s history, your current activities, your daily habits and help you fill in your blind spots with tools and techniques designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.
  • get you more self aware in your body and set you up for a lifetime of pain free living.

How is my work different from your current exercise routine? I focus on education and helping you understand how much power and control you have over the above points. It is very empowering work. By contrast, the priority we put on ”fitness” is usually getting “in shape”, weight loss, burning calories, sports performance, etc. It is assumed that what you’re doing will help you arrive at the goal of being a top athlete or an independently living 95 year old. However, you need to know this:

“There are more doctor visits for musculoskeletal issues from exercisers than there are from non-exercisers. Exercise is now a risk factor for health, not for fitness. We’ve put fitness on movement dysfunction when moving well, before moving often, should be the priority.” – Gray Cook, Physical Therapist, co- creator, FMS

Who is the SELF CARE FOR THE LONG GAME Program for?

  • Ideal for someone struggling with sub-clinical pain – learn how to manage your aches and pains and solve problems yourself, before they escalate into injuries that require health care costs & co-pays.
  • “I have pain but I’m not sure if I should see a doctor.” We’ll do an FMS screen – the GOLD standard for screening for movement dysfunction in sports and designed by a physical therapist. We get screened for breast cancer, heart disease, vision, dental, etc. – think of it as preventative screening for movement hygiene.
  • Prevention and longevity focused exercisers.
  • Those new or returning to exercise – get started on the right path and gain confidence to even set foot in a gym
  • Ideal for someone stepping down from physical therapy after an injury – alot of fear comes with this transition – we’ll break through that and get you back to your routine with less fear.
  • Athletes & coaches (pros, college, high school, recreational & fitness) – increase your self knowledge, gain a vast toolbox of athletic recovery including mindset help & yoga, get CEC’s and gain new warm-up/down routines and de-load workouts.

No matter where you see yourself in the lists above, my overarching goal is to help you maximize the elite body you were born with and if you’re pre/post injury, get you back to doing what you love.

My work experience over the past 30+ years includes having been a personal trainer, yoga teacher/trainer/mentor, corrective exercise specialist, performance coach and I’ve raised 3 kids who are all embodied athletes and self parenting very well for each of their ages (17, 19 & 21). I focus now on what my pro athlete clients call “performance care” which includes regeneration and recovery work, athlete-friendly yoga as well as understanding the importance of body mechanics and how embodying human movement patterns are the underpinnings of the human body. This education piece, which is cornerstone to my work, is extremely underserved within fitness and yoga communities. Let’s get beyond your foam roller and get you back with your trainer/coach/fitness or yoga class (or help you find great ones!) with more self knowledge and less restrictions.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 12 private sessions over the course of 1-3 months.
  • 2 FMS screens – an initial screen to set your baseline, one to measure changes 1-3 months later.
  • 2 15-minute sessions to analyze FMS screens, learn customized corrective exercises addressing your joints needs found in the screen – exercises that you can do throughout your day or as pre/post workout.
  • Email/phone/text in between sessions
  • Here’s an outline of what the 12-session curriculum looks like.

Cost: $1200* (Payment option: $1350: $750 before 1st session, $600 before the 7th session.)

*Scheduling is prioritized for those paid in full and paid on time. Program is normally carried out in 1/2/3 weekly sessions unless discussed otherwise. Some clients choose to book another 12 sessions to continue learning, but please note, payment needs to be made in advance to maintain scheduling priority.

The bulk of my work is with private groups, corporate wellness, etc., however, I work with several motivated private clients per month – read more about my process and fill out the Student Intake Form to inquire about working together. Next, we’ll have a phone chat to see how I can best help you.