Sandy Gross, Functional Movement Specialist

Sandy Gross

Hi, I’m Sandy. I’ve spent the majority of my life fascinated with the human body. In a word, I am a teacher. I teach how learning just a little bit of your movement biomechanics can sometimes solve big problems and upgrade your life in many ways. I use rehabilitative techniques, functional strength training and self therapies including yoga and SMFR (self-myofascial release) as the core of my toolbox to help people better understand and resolve their own pain, prevent injury and to live with greater self confidence at any age. At the age of 55, I’ve learned and lived this: everything in your life up-regulates when you move well. Being human is a set of skills and learning to personalize your self care and manage your own aches and pains through movement education is the original health care.

I design movement prep and recovery routines for sports teams, help companies upgrade their wellness programs and consult numerous individuals pre/during/post medical treatment to take better charge of their healing. My superpower is simplifying the complex. I also make things workable for your busy schedule and always relevant to your goals.

Here’s a bit about my background: I grew up in California and graduated with a degree from San Jose State University (BA in Journalism/’88). During my junior year, however, two things completely lit me up: I took a 6 unit lab course titled Human Performance and I got certified to teach aerobic dance. I then worked at Apple Computers corporate fitness center. What I know for sure, today, is this: Movement, aside from “exercise”, is the most powerful tool for managing the downstream effects of technology.

In my 20’s, I worked in sports & fashion publishing, two industries that were growing fast. As we all have, I witnessed the commercialization of wellness get very complicated and prioritize entertainment over functionality. I eventually moved to Cleveland for love and created opportunities for work for myself as a fitness columnist, trainer, consultant and I got into yoga.

During my 30 & 40’s I (we) became a parent of 3 and pursued lots more education and became a yoga teacher. I also founded and operated Evolution Yoga School, one of the first yoga studios in Cleveland which became a nucleus in the midwest where yoga teachers, studio owners, fitness pros and sports coaches came to learn about mind/body practices. Yoga has also become complicated and has prioritized performance over functionality. My path has always leaned towards the functional. You’ll get more of a sense of this as you weave through my site.

Now in my 50’s, my work is teaching and consulting on human performance, functional movement, mindfulness and the skill of relaxation. I work in a wide variety of industries, but mostly in sports and business where high performance matters. Some of my clients have included the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, Kent State University’s 2017 MAC Men’s Basketball Champions, Kent State University’s 2015 MAC Women’s Soccer Champions, Notre Dame College’s 2017 D1AA Men’s Rugby National Champions, Cleveland Browns athletes, several high school and elite sports travel teams. In the corporate world, I’ve worked with several executives, teams, top doctors and other high level performers locally and on David Copperfield’s private island retreat in the Bahamas. I also teach anatomy for several yoga studios teacher trainings and have my own online “virtual studio” that has a worldwide following.

Overall, my clients are those individuals who strive for and role model greatness, who want more out of life and to stay off the proverbial bench. They are playing the long game.

Work with me to learn how you can up-level your entire life through movement and have fun doing it.


-American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Health/Fitness Instructor

-E-RYT 500 (experienced-registered yoga teacher)

-YACEP (Yoga Alliance) continuing ed. provider

-Yoga Tune Up® & Roll Model® Method (SFMR) Teacher Trainer

-Functional Movement Systems FMS screen & rehabilitation – Level 2 Practitioner