Who I Am

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Sandy Gross, Performance Care Specialist, Yoga & Movement Educator

Sandy Gross, Founder

Hi, I’m Sandy. I’ve spent the majority of my life fascinated with and learning about the human body. I’m constantly seeking out the best practices in fitness, exercise science, biomechanics, yoga, corrective exercise strategies, fitness recovery methods and many more self therapies.

I created Move Well Cleveland as a mind/body education company to help clients prevent and manage their aches & pains in order to perform better in every aspect of their lives. Whether they be a professional, college, or high school athlete or a desk-bound individual working in an office environment experiencing shoulder/neck/back pain, I teach my clients the tools necessary to support a mind that operates optimally and a sustainable body that moves well. I inspire and teach them many doable techniques (most of which do not require a gym or even work-out attire) that up-regulate their body’s systems and thus human potential. They become more self-sufficient in preventing and/or relieving their own pain, maximizing their performance and ultimately become productivity and self-care role models to those around them.

Here’s a sampling of some of the training I’ve received over my 30 year career: certifications from OM yoga (E-RYT 500), Yoga Tune Up® (Integrated teacher), Roll Model® Method Practitioner (Teacher Trainer), ACSM/Health Fitness Instructor and Functional Movement Systems FMS screen – Level 2. In 2003, I founded the Evolution Yoga School which became the yoga studio in the region where yoga teachers, fitness pros and sports coaches came to learn about yoga and further their education in mind/body practices.

Since the inception of that yoga studio, I have maintained an open-mind and interdisciplinary approach to yoga and movement. Adding significantly to my own base of knowledge, I’ve produced many of the regions best attended yoga workshops & movement education events annually, also since 2003.  Though I no longer lease a studio space, I continue to produce events and invite fellow movement educators to join me in my quest to self-mastery through empowered self-care

Also, I mentor and teach yoga teachers at several yoga studios around the country via my signature program, The Yoga In Your Anatomy®. The YIYA® program aims to make  anatomical language and embodying basic human movement principles part of our vernacular, so that we know and live better in our bodies. Only then can we take better ownership of our health, prevent disease, age well, and be our best in life.

Some of my most inspiring clients who value my work and call it “performance care” include the Cleveland Cavaliers (including during their 2016 championship season), Kent State University’s 2017 MAC Men’s Basketball Champions, Kent State University’s 2015 MAC Women’s Soccer Champions, and Notre Dame College’s 2017 D1AA Men’s Rugby National Champions.

Work with me to learn how you can upgrade your potential and self-knowledge, make empowered self-care workable with your daily life, and have fun doing it. Let me buy you coffee and we’ll discuss how I can help you upgrade your performance by scaling any and all of my tools with your environment, your personal needs and those of your “team”.