Notre Dame College 2017 D1AA Men’s Rugby National Champions

I empower athletes with personalized self-therapy techniques so they can stay healthy and prevent injury. Self-treatment heightens proprioception, which doesn’t happen when you zone out getting a massage from someone else or during any other form of passive recovery. Proprioception is body sense which is essential for superior athletic performance.

Learn the difference between being well rested and well prepared. 

My classes, clinics & private sessions include:

  • Yoga (+mindset+breathing+sport-specific poses)
  • Self massage/myofascial release with Roll Model® Method therapy balls
  • Corrective (brain-based) exercises for warm up/movement prep
  • Nervous system “down regulation” skill building including sleep strategies
  • I’m FMS 2 certified and can be a valuable partner in helping improve FMS scores  
  • Coaches clinics to empower your Performance/Strength & Conditioning coaching team to improve upon mobility, movement prep & recovery skill sets

Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA Champions

Some words from the coaches I work with:

For coaches:  Connect with me to arrange a free consultation to discuss your team’s needs.

  • Book a private training with me for your coaches to upgrade their own self care game and to add to their mobility training toolbox. CEC’s available.
  • Schedule a Roll Model® Method therapy ball/self-myofascial release training for your coaches. CEC’s available.
    -Roll Model® Method Science of Rolling* – 7 hours/CEC’s
    -Roll Model® Method Ball Sequencing & Innovation* – 7 hours/CEC’s

For athletes:  Empower yourself by working with me to develop or refine your self care game so that you stay healthy and ready to play when you need to.

Athletes: want to build more emotional resilience? Check out my blog post by clicking here.

Kent State University 2017 MAC Men’s Basketball Champions

Kent State University 2015 MAC Women’s Soccer Champions

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