“I gained incredible value from the Move Well Ed. program. I gained the knowledge of what I needed to do to keep my shoulder pain away AND I saved myself an expensive trip down the medical path. I’m self insured so that matters to me. I also solved the problem of why it hurt – something PT never did for me. I also gained confidence to get back to doing what I love. This is an indispensable program that has set me up for a lifetime ahead of prevention and durability.” -Joe S., business owner/tennis player, Cleveland, OH.

I have significantly less pain and more mobility in my shoulder that I haven’t had in years. The greatest benefit is the knowledge as to how to maintain and continue to improve on my own.” -Bridget E., softball coach/athlete, Cleveland, OH

“In working with Sandy, I not only learned how to care better for my body, I also really learned how to listen better to know what it needs.” -Taishaun Johnson, Prairie View Basketball 2019 SWAC Tournament Champion athlete, Dayton Flight Pro Basketball player

“I signed up for Sandy’s Move Well Ed. program to improve my golf game and recover from knee replacement. During the screen, she noticed my neck lacked some range of motion so she explained to me why this was important to address and included that in my programming. Not only did she help me get back on the golf course, but working on my neck has given me more confidence to be driving a car as a senior citizen. Simply relying on the bells and whistles of my car is not enough to keep me and my loved ones safe – I need to be able to turn my head. And my golf swing is better than ever.” -Sam H., physician/golfer, Cleveland, OH

“I’m feeling great. The days after working with you and doing my movement snacks I felt significant improvement. I noticed I still need to be mindful about my movements (how I’m sitting) but I feel much stronger and no pain or weakness.” -Grace H., yoga teacher, Columbus, OH

“As the son of a college professor who fully dedicated himself to his students and university, I really appreciate watching passionate people who commit themselves to bettering their chosen community. You have this drive and talent and I commend you for improving the lives of others through your educational work.” -Doug W., movement teacher, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“My back has been feeling really good. All spasms have stopped and my range of motion has increased. I’ve been back to lifting weights with more knowledge and I plan to pick up my training again soon. The movement education you provide has helped me fill in a few blindspots I never knew I had until my lower back started bothering me. Your Move Well Ed. program saved me a costly trip down the medical path and I’m confident it’s going to prevent pain for me in the future because my body awareness has increased so much.” -Jason P., competitive athlete, Cleveland, OH.

“Working with Sandy really helped me learn how to resolve my own pain. Today, I enjoyed teaching yoga without thinking about my foot for the first time in a year.” -Jackie A., yoga teacher, Cleveland, OH

“As a professor, I noticed right away, her classroom elevated yoga and movement well beyond a fitness class. She is not an instructor, she is an educator. She boosted my confidence in healing through her talent of explaining, in an understandable way, just how amazing the human body truly is. She taught me many ways I can manage the aging process myself through movement and self treatment.” -David N., yoga student